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RPF Kayaks UK: The RPF MASTER SOT Surf Kayak
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RPF MASTER: This is an XL version of the award winning SHARK and was designed for kayaksurfers of greater stature (allows up to 110 kg). The Master inherits the comfort and the same type of surf as the SHARK but is very stable and more permissive. It's shape can face bigger waves with the same control and elegance of a long board. Allows significant improvement in perfomance over plastic SOT surf kayaks, will let you carve the wave face properly in a SOT kayak format. If you have been stuck on plastic SOT's for a while and wanted to progress your surfing skills then this is the kayak for you.

Three adjustable fins let you modifiy the set up to the conditions and this really makes a difference on the wave. Equally applicable to people new to the sport due to it's SOT format. This kayak has three construction choices. The standard version is over 5Kg lighter than similar plastic boats and so offers ease in handling in the surf, storage and car topping. Can be easily carried on the shoulder, no need for kayak trolleya. Tried and tested in the UK.

Key Details
Standard Equipment
65cm 2.13 feet
3x Future fins
260cm 8.53 feet
RPF Adjustable Thigh Straps
+/- 15Kg
+/- 33 lbs
Seat Grip
Surf Kayak


Ergonomic handles
Sit on Top
Drain Plug
Max Load
110Kg, 242 lbs
Lateral + lumbar supports
Customized feet support
Exclusive Design
Custom paint choices
Vinyl Sticker, UV resistant
Customized epoxy fins
Impact and abrasion resistance

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